the mm connection

MM as in Morning Musume.

I was asked to do this first.

See the connection? If you don’t…*psst…h-a-i-r*

So Sis went round sending it to people. And I got the second request. From Misaki.

Somehow, I feel this one was done much better. I don’t know from where I dug out that much patience working on it at 4am in the morning. You know, I really should spend that much time on a layout. This Berryz Koubou one wasn’t done nicely. The blending seems to be quite odd. :glare:

I just watched 2 AAA lives for their new song “ハリケーン・リリ,ボストン・マリ”. I couldn’t help but think that if only 夏日风 were half as good, maybe they would stand a chance. I remember the judges saying that their dance seemed to be out-of-place and not nicely choreographed. Maybe they should learn a thing or two from AAA. AAA’s dance moves aren’t too complicated but they still leave a powerful impact as a youth group. They probably make the older generation go “あぁ~~良いな。。。青春~~”

I don’t like Shinjiro’s look in the new song though. I still like his look from “Dragon Fire”…

Almost forgot…it’s Raynor’s birthday! お誕生日おめでとう!!! 

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