normal person

Just read Nino’s Jweb entry at Binan no Nikki. He expressed his wish to watch his own movie as a normal audience. Like a normal person going to watch a movie… That’s cool. Watching your own performance from the angle of a normal person then deciding whether you did a good job or not.

Reminds me of how Sly went to the SuperBand recording to support Lucify. Going there with a friend status to support his friends. Not wanting to attract attention to himself, he sat at the second level. Who knew, the fans readily pointed out his “hiding” place. Hahaha…I can just imagine him cringing and having the -_-||| feeling. *sigh* But that’s the downside of being a star. You sort of lose your privacy. It’s like suddenly everyone’s interested in the little things you do. I bet the media will even be interested as to how one brushes his teeth.

Ah. The bathroom calls me…

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