the air at mediacorp

Photo of the day…

Nope. Didn’t have tickets for the recording but went to Mediacorp nonetheless. To celebrate Uncle Kel’s birthday. Ahhhh…now that explains the cake in the photo above.

I know Per is going to tsukomi me after I say this. While waiting to take photos with the guys at the reception area, it happened again. Suddenly the noise gets to me. My brain does it again – trying to seperate out sounds. Then I get the feeling like I’m just standing there and everyone is just rushing past me. It’s like I’m too slow and everyone’s just too fast?

There is something about the air at Mediacorp. It makes Kuek go “ting tong“. He makes a dash for downstairs everytime he comes out from the studio. It’s like as if he has his escape route carefully planned out. At first, he’s fine. He responds to questions. After awhile, when a lot more people come down to take photos with him, he suddenly switches to “ting tong” mode and paces around on the driveway making random sounds at random moments.

If I were to seriously discuss this behaviour, I’ll say that it’s his reaction to being mobbed by fans. Imagine people walking all round you, asking questions, expecting you to answer them. Cameras flashing in your face. You can’t breathe…there’s no personal space. Sad ain’t it? But that’s the price of fame. Anyway, I’m just guessing here…

Sis told me that if I want a chance to take photos with the guys, I have to just go up, stand next to whoever while saying “take photo! take photo!” I’m thinking isn’t that kinda rude? You don’t just stick yourself next to someone and make them take photos with you. Hmmm…shouldn’t you ask the person first whether it’s ok to take photos? They are humans with feelings, not exhibits.

Everytime I talk things like these, I should prepare myself of getting bashed up…

Shinya’s girlfriend, Wawa is so cute. 🙂 She got so excited when she saw the guys coming out from the studio. Her face just lit up. It’s the simple things like this between couples that make you feel so happy for them…

Lastly, a picture that paints a thousand words…a lasting memory…

2 thoughts on “the air at mediacorp

  1. take me take me with u when u go media crop next time! i only wan to take pic with kel! hee…i dun ask for anything more. i not idol crazy. just wanna ask him nicely to take with me hee.. ya they are people with a passion of music, they hv to sarcifce alot of things for fame.

    hey, lucify got the higest score is it?!… omg.

    add me on MSN at

    elisia says: Actually you can go down to Mediacorp every Saturday to wait after recording. Where do you stay? Coz the going home part is a bit of a headache.

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