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AAA is soon releasing their new double A-side single, Soul Edge Boy/Kimono Jet Girl. Yep, you can guess from the titles that the guys and girls have split to sing one song each. I’ve got both PVs and I must say I prefer “Soul Edge Boy”. “Kimono Jet Girl” sounds a little weird. “Soul Edge Boy” has well, a much edgier feel to it.

And thank God, Shinjiro decided to grow out his hair and not pin it up like he did in the previous single. From his boy-boy haircut in the earlier single “Dragon Fire” to his horrible pinned up hair in “Hurricane Riri, Boston Mari” to his cool hairstyle in “Soul Edge Boy”. Now, who cares about Nissy when you have かっこいい Shinjiro. :laugh:

So I was watching the PV for the new MM song, Ambitious! 野心的でいいじゃん。It seems Tsunku is trying to groom Reina as the new star for MM. Or perhaps it’s a sign that Reina is gaining popularity. Anyhow, you always know which girl is the favourite for a period of time coz she stands at the front, in the middle. I was a little mad though. Reina totally blocked Ai-chan in the PV. :angry:

Talking about Ai-chan, she no longer sports dolly bangs. Her fringe is now grown long and side-swept. As I watched the PV, I suddenly realised that Ai-chan’s new image makes her look a lot like Hilary Duff. Here’s some proof…

As for Gaki-san, somehow I don’t like her new image for the PV. The curls at the side of her face makes her face look puny. But it seems she gained a little weight back since SEXY BOY. Her huge weight loss made her face look so small with her hair framing it.

This will probably be Kon Kon’s last song with MM as she will be graduating from H!P soon. She’s leaving to pursue her studies.

On to JE…got these memes from Ryoko’s blog.

Meme #1
1. Which J.E. boy would you eat?
Eat?! WHY?!

2. If you can turn back the hands of time, who would you stop from joining J.E.?
Toma – look where he is now…not appreciated.

3. What happened to you that is NewS’s fault today?
I adore Massu and his sunshine smile so much that Arashi is being thrown to one side. But I still love Arashi of course.

4. You’re alone in a dark alley. Someone crept up to you, brandishing a cucumber that he thought is a knife. He wants that bag of tomatoes you just bought in the supermart. You realise he is a JE boy, he is…..
Jin. Kuruma ebi = car shrimp…what a genius. *rolls eyes*

5. You sprained your ankle wearing that hot pair of heels you just bought. A J.E. boy rushes over. Who is he and what did he do?
Tacchon. I fall back, he catches me in time, looks into my eyes and makes me all doki doki. So drama right? Have you watched Cinderella ni Naritai?

6. You are Harry Potter and am valiantly resisting Voldemort’s effort to retrieve your blood for his revival. However, he gets hold of a J.E. boy and threatens to kill him. Which J.E. boy will you bleed for?
Massu? *blink blink*

7. You are a J.E. boy. You love your ghei stage outfits. In fact, you make them yourselves, adding even more ruffles, lace, sequins and fur. Who are you?
Any member of KAT-TUN.

8. You are stranded and alone. In fact, you are LOST on this island. Suddenly, a J.E. boy comes up to you and started to sing this, while doing the conga, “I like to move it, move it. You like to move it, move it. We like to, MOVE IT!!!” You think, ‘nifty dancesteps’ and started to dance along. Who is he?
Junno or Maru (K8) coz they are not called baka and aho for nothing. :rofl:

9. You live with this J.E. boy, and he has this most annoying habit that despite his hotness, drives you all crazy and makes you want to ditch him and move out. Who is he and what is that habit?
P. Well, let me get this straight…he used to be under my favourites list which makes him hot. But now, all I feel like doing is giving him a slap. His habit? Maybe flexing his muscles all the time and showing off his man-boobies.

10. It’s hard to make a perfect 10. Make up your own question and answer it.
Gonna skip this…

Meme #2
Top 5 JE boys:
1. Masuda Takahisa
2. Aiba Masaki
3. Maruyama Ryuhei
4. Ohkura Tadayoshi
5. Okada Junichi

JE boy you like least:
Jimmy Mackey but I think he left JE already.

JE boy you want as a best friend:
Yasuda Shota

JE boy you want to jump like its no one’s business:
Kusano or Maru (K8) coz I’m sure they’ll jump along.

Prettiest JE boy:

JE boy you want as a baby brother:
None. But if you really need an answer…Daiki. He’s got such a cute face. *pinch*

JE boy most like you:
Wouldn’t know…

JE boy you’d be most compatible with, dating:
Wouldn’t know…

Oldest JE guy you like:
Tsuyoshi Domoto

Youngest JE guy you like:
Fujigaya Taisuke

JE group you like most:

JE group you like least:
I’m sorry, I guess it’s KAT-TUN.

Fave Arashi song:

Fave K8 song:

Fave NEWS song:

JE pairings you support:
Tego x Massu. But certainly no ero ero stuff will be tolerated.

First JE boy you were introduced to:
Kimura Takuya

Aside from all the idol stuff. I need to go for a hair trim soon. I’m trying to accept my natural curls but I think I like my hair when it’s wet. When it’s dry, it’s all big, frizzy and messy. Total crap. :glare:

Still haven’t shopped for a new dress…*sigh*

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