still alive

Using the computer in the student lounge in the university. Man Ling and I are waiting for a friend so we can go for lunch together.

It feels great to have a fellow Singaporean to talk to. I think I am her company in this foreign land. Hahaha…I make it sound like we’re stuck in some hellhole. No, we’re fine. She’s really nice. Letting me follow her around to her classes. Just came out from a lab lesson actually.

I think in this short period of just 2 days, I have learnt quite a bit about the way lessons are taught here. For too long have we been used to the spoon-feeding method. Here, things are different. You really have to help yourself by reading up the lesson beforehand. Else, you’ll really get lost in the lectures and tutorials. Trust me, I sat through an Introduction to Computer Systems lecture which was teaching on binary numbers – same as the Computing Mathematics subject I studied in first year of poly, even though I remember learning that stuff, I was getting lost in the lecture here. The way it’s taught is totally different. Back home, lecturers teach the subject right down to the nitty gritty stuff. Right down to the details. Do the calculations number by number. Here, you have to think fast, write fast, digest fast. By the end of the lesson, you’ll probably think “OMG…”

Alrighty, got to go now. Will talk more later…

4 thoughts on “still alive

  1. ganbare~ meanwhile for laughs, listen to this

    elisia says: Wah lau ehz…I laugh until pengz can!!! I finally got the laptop speakers to work. But coz it’s not loud enough so I plugged in my earphones instead. I was biting my lip trying to control myself from laughing out loud since my aunt was sitting right in front of me. Anyway, I told my aunt about it later, she googled it to find out more and finally she listened to the podcast. And then finally I could laugh out loud…she laughed out loud too! So remember people…mai hum mai hum mai hum… :rofl:

  2. I found out about a really silly but fun game…there are versions for PS2 and PSP, but I don’t know whether there is a version for the computer…maybe you can help check it out??

    Me and My Katamari

    elisia says: I don’t think so.

  3. hey boss,
    glad to know u’re having a good time in the states….

    just keep on blogging abt them aight..

    pls tell me u’ll be back for raya…

    ~ soffie

    elisia says: Hey Sof! I miss you! I will be back really soon so yes I will be back for raya…ermz…right? Anyway, I will bring back the bubblegum I promised you.

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