the non-academic bit

And here comes the not-so-academic part…

With all the school visiting more or less done, I can spend more time on other things like sightseeing and shopping. Not to mention nursing that nasty cough of mine. Yea, caught the flu bug from my cousin, Ethan.

I got a good deal from the clothes I bought. Basically coz the shops are getting rid of their summer stock and bringing in the fall clothing. Their summer clothing is most suitable for Singapore’s weather. Plus, I shopped on their Labor Day and there’s a thing called Labor Day sale.

I was able to find tees among the clearance stuff of Hollister and Aeropostale. It is heaven here for Singaporeans who love American brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale – brands that you can’t really find back in Singapore. And no, I’m not taking orders this time. Simply coz the last trip when I took orders, my luggage weighed 18kg and I had trouble moving it around. Good thing was that my family members were around to help out. This time, I’m alone. I wouldn’t want a super heavy bag to squash me flat. Haha, you can put in requests only if you’re a family member. So be very jealous now if you don’t fall under that category. *evil laughter*

I was a little annoyed about finding jeans though. Being small and short, the junior jeans are too long. I can fit into kid sized jeans but no thank you to my hips, I am now classified as an in-between. Kid size 14 is fine on the thighs and legs but not ok at the hips and waist. Kid size 16 is fine on the hips and waist but kinda baggy at the legs. There was this pair of kids Levis jeans that I loved but coz of the problem above I couldn’t get it. ARGH!

It’s a wonder I get through everyday without make-up. I brought almost the whole collection of my make-up but I haven’t used anything. Here, people seem to be more relaxed about how they look. So I can walk in the streets without make-up and don’t feel like I just came from Mars. Anyway, I bought a ton of Maybelline stuff for Sis and a tube of pink lipgloss for myself. One more to the 2 tubes I already have. But I swear by it coz it gives both colour and shine. The lazy person’s way of lipcolour.

I was also looking at the whole range of Smackers lipbalms and lipglosses in Target. So tempted to get some but I’m not too sure whether they’ll agree with my skin. And why would I need more sticks of lipbalm? I don’t eat lipbalm ok. Lipgloss? Well, already have 3 tubes now… But they have like some really amazing flavours. Like the one I bought for Sis, A&W Root Beer flavoured. Then there are Skittles flavoured, M&M’s flavoured, Starburst flavoured, Jell-O flavoured…cool huh.

Yesterday, aunty took me to see the Amish homes. It’s fascinating to see how people can live without letting modern technology be part of their lives. I will talk more about these people when I get back home and start posting up the photos.

Today, went to Spurlock Musuem but couldn’t really finish looking at all the exhibits. Wasn’t feeling too comfortable…psst…ribena falls. :glare: So I guess we’ll go back there another day.

Oh and finally I get round to the birthday greetings. Uchi’s on the 10th and Yasu’s on the 11th. お誕生日おめでとう貴くんとヤス!!! Pink ranger, we await your return to K8. Hope you are doing well and that darn geezer Kitagawa will let you come back. It’s been too damn long. Blue ranger, hope you haven’t been bullied too much lately. :laugh: Ah, I would have shared some pink and blue ranger birthday cake with Per and Sis if I was back at home. Anyway, I hope the rest of K8 had a nice celebration for both of you.

お誕生日おめでとう愛ちゃん! (The girl that’s featured in v13’s banner.) May you get prettier each day. 🙂

8 thoughts on “the non-academic bit

  1. Heys… i tink i remembered who u are.. u were quite close to xianglin and wanting/wanping right?
    And yep.. my mum is e chinese teacher Guo Lai shi!
    How did u linked to my blog anw?

    elisia says: It was a sudden impulse thing. I was thinking of how I saw Jacqueline Then working in Pepper Lunch. Then thinking back about primary school and higher chinese lessons. How I used to flunk all the 听写s coz I never studied and your mum was kinda exasperated with me. Then I sort of thought to myself, I wonder what happened to Yunkai. I remembered you were so smart – especially in chinese (DUH!) You were kinda soft-spoken too. Wondering, I thought why not google your name and see what comes up. Taadaa! Your boyfriend’s blog was the top search. And from there, I got to your blog. See, Google is wonderful isn’t it? Haha… And yes, I was close to Xianglin and Wan Ping. I’m still best friends with Xianglin! 🙂

  2. hey, I see my name.. hehe..
    hi yunkai! how are you? long time no see..

    eh best fren, how are u over there? hope you will be back soon..wanna meet up with ya =) anyway I haven’t seen Then Liying (Jacqueline rite?) for a long time! I was still thinking about her the other day.. I rem our class used to ostracise her cos she was abit weird rite?

    take care!

    elisia says: Me ar? Ok lorz…I think I gained like 2kg manz. 😥 Yea, I’ll be flying back on Tuesday, reaching home on Wednesday. Omg…how come you were thinking about her as well? I hate to think of us as being mean but yea, it’s true that we kinda didn’t like her coz she was a little weird.

  3. Heys xl!! u haf a blog too? linked up elisia’s to mine.. whahaha.. after sec 4 nv tk chinese liao.. now chinese abit cannot mk it.. Lol..! Hehe.. yeps.. i rem jac oso.. n yes.. our class didnt reali like her den! Haha.. nv thot tt i will find u guys thru e net.. 🙂
    anw, wad are u huys doing now? i’m in NUS biz..

    elisia says: That woman deleted her blog le…so unless she has a new one and didn’t tell me about it… So modest! If your chinese cannot make it, ermz…mine’s like super cannot make it then. Haha, I think my kaypoh-ness has brought us back together. Graduated from poly last year then slacking all the way. Am now in the States just to visit my relatives and check out unis here. If all goes well, I should be applying once I get home and hopefully start uni next fall.

  4. haha yes yunkai, I deleted my blog quite some time ago.. and no elisia, I don’t have a new one.. if I have one, I wld surely tell u about it 😉

    haha no offense best fren but when I first saw how you googled yunkai’s name, I thought, ‘elisia very free ah?’ but it’s good.. since u manage to contact long-lost friends!

    I’m currently in a private uni..tking a distance deg from UOL.. =)

    elisia says: I’m indeed very free ah. Mostly at night…which is morning for you guys.

  5. Haha.. e Power of google.. i nv thot u will find me tt way.. i thot it was bcoz we had common frens tt’s why.. anw, glad to cya guys ard here! Hmm.. anw, elisia, which uni u gg?
    N are u guys in contact wif any of our pri sch frens? i seem to haf lost in touch wif most.. onie on frenster.. but nv see them in real life b4 🙁

    elisia says: Haha…now you know how bored and kaypoh I can be. Haven’t finalised which uni I’m going to. But I’ll be applying for a few. Need to re-sit SAT though… Cheryl Wong just organised a meet-up with Joanna Chin, Xianglin and Wan Ping. I didn’t go coz I was in the States. 

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