coming home soon

I wrote this long entry yesterday but the laptop decided to hang just as I wanted to post it. So, damn…it’s gone. I’m not about to retype it though.

It’s my last day in Champaign, Illinois. Will be doing my last minute shopping of candy and more clothes? Haha. Then tonight will be grand squeezing time. Squeeze everything into my luggage.

I will miss my new friends here. Man Ling, I will miss you loads just as much as you miss me. It was cool finding a friend here especially since I don’t know anyone around here except for my relatives. Accompanying each other during that one week, going to classes. Your Rhetoric class was fun though I didn’t really participate much. Calculus was kinda fun with the professor always grumbling about the automatic blackboards. 110 was ok, although I can’t remember half the stuff taught but at least Professor Loui didn’t make me feel like falling asleep. Haha, I will always remember the Samuel L. Jackson circuit. 190 was ok as well. Bad thing I couldn’t really remember the stuff and was getting kinda lost with the way it was taught. Then, the last part where you and your lab partner was building the little motor boat. The excitement when the thing finally worked. Haha, won’t forget that moment. Alrighty, here’s wishing you all the best with your studies. Hope you don’t get too stressed out with exams and stuff coz I seriously think you can do it. 🙂

To Zhi Xiu, Daniel, Wei Hong and the rest of the SSA members, thanks for letting me gatecrash on your little party (Pot-b-que)? It was fun knowing you guys and getting myself reassured that if I decide to study in UIUC, I won’t be alone coz there will be a bunch of Singaporeans around. Haha…it was also fun hanging around the food fest. Zhi Xiu, your (one spoon of) chicken rice was good. So was the Milo Dinosaur. Haha…

The little bug in the WordPress comments is well…bugging me. Everytime I edit a comment, any apostrophed word will end up having a slash in front. I’m hoping that the bug is resolved in the new version update. Going to update my version once I get home. Woohoo.

One thought on “coming home soon

  1. hey boss,

    cld u bring the brochures with u the next time we meet up..

    & tell us more abt the amish ppl too..

    am excited to hear many many more stories when u come back..definitely an eye-opening experinece huh?

    have a safe trip home..

    elisia says: Sure…sure…I’m home now.

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