good to be home

I’m home now. But the worst thing happened. I don’t know where my checked-in luggage ended up. It was supposed to be tagged on to each flight so I wouldn’t have to recheck-in and would just pick them up in Singapore. The airport staff was nice though. She helped me make a report and well, we’ll just have to wait. Tough part is that all the goodies are in the checked-in luggage. 🙁

My lips are awfully red and dry. Haha…I have natural lipstick! Have to keep licking my lips now. My lipbalms are in the checked-in luggage. *sigh* I hate the air in the plane. I always (for some reason) try to keep my requests for water at a minimum coz I don’t want to keep disturbing people by excusing myself in and out to the loo. Thus, I have to suffer later. 🙁

It’s good to be at home. I was almost dying of boredom in the plane. Then lugging my really heavy hand-carry around in Narita airport before catching my connecting flight. I managed to find the magazines I wanted. Can’t say the same for the single/dvd I wanted. I can’t imagine myself sitting through the long plane ride again…

I’m not sure if this is the definition of jet-lag but I don’t feel tired now. So I’m doing all the little things I can. Like upgrading my version of WordPress. And I did like the stupidest thing. I deleted the config file. Worse part is that the database password is randomly generated coz I used Fantastico to install WordPress. So I was panicking all the way until something connected up there and I had the most brilliant idea. Anyhow, the problem is solved else I wouldn’t be blogging already.

The bug in the comments has been resolved. Whoopee!

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