Always the one word question…why?

It’s angry and disappointing at the same time. Only 2 words to describe…


These days, you really can trust no one but yourself. Who knows when your “friend” might decide to backstab you. Who knows your “friend” will become a foe.

Don’t pretend to be a friend and then go around spreading things about her. It hurts. It’s disappointing. Don’t even try to think you understand her. You cannot feel what she feels nor can you read her thoughts.

Don’t make me scoff at your “you’re only hearing one side of the story”. Do you even want to share your side of the story in the first place? And what we hear from a more credible source tells us a lot about your character. Tell her to stop making herself seem like she’s the victim, why don’t you stop it then? Tell your little followers to stop hurting her. Tell your little messenger to stop hurting her by spreading his latest “gossip”. *rolls eyes*

Just coz you made it that far doesn’t mean that you’re at the top already. Begin to treasure the people around you coz one day they might all leave you. Nothing is forever, dear…

Then to the rest, have the guts to talk behind her back, why not have the guts to say it in her face? If you think she’s pathetic, you’re way more pathetic. Grow up, kids. *rolls eyes*

2 thoughts on “why

  1. The reason why we have people thriving in the gossip-mongers industry is their desire to fit into their own circle of friends. In short, they want to get accepted. Related this with an analogy from the media industry; reporters, especially from famous tabloids, are often desperate to get juicy salacious news, why? They don’t want to lose their jobs.

    In most of the times, people want to gain popularity by demostrating to others that they have first hand news of anyone. They are always up-to-date and hence, they are popular. People want to stick with them because they are also interested to hear what’s this Mr or Ms Popular has to say next.

    But to spread to the world on the expense of their friends’ happiness and privacy, I find it sick and unethical.

    Think NYP sex scandal, I think some of her friends will most likely appear to be what you are describing. Some of her friends might even helped to spread her homemade videos. Sick? But I think it happens.

    True friends emerged to be friends in these times, but it is realy saddening to know that we need such extreme situations to test out who our friends are at times.

    Indeed, it shows the level of maturity when handling such sensitive issues, and it’s part of growing up. Perhaps, the person that you are talking about is still challenging her delayed puberty routines. A little hormonal injection might help her grow up. :p

    elisia says: I don’t think it’s just having a certain level of maturity to handle such issues. It can make one feel very very miserable especially when there’s no one around to share your sorrows. No matter how you try to tell yourself to be strong, you still feel so alone. You may not have experienced it. But I did and I know how it feels.

  2. Haha, I came back and just realised that there’s a response to the comment I’ve submitted weeks ago.

    What I actually meant is that whenever we are starting a topic perhaps just for the fun of it, or just to get some conversations by talking about someone else. I think exercising some responsibility in our speech and conversations will help avoiding ourselves from getting caught in spreading unnecessary rumours.

    Like I mentioned previously, while others might really have the intention of spreading malicious remarks to hurt the a particular individual, it is not necessary that everyone did that on purpose. What I meant is, perhaps they are just looking for a conversation.

    Now back on handling these issues/grieveances/sorrows on your own. Personally, I had similar experiences. Especially it is something so personal that you cannot share it with anyone else. I had a case where I can’t even share it with my family. There are others which I cannot even share with a close friend. I don’t have a BEST friend so far; so I haven’t had the experience of being rejected by one that close.

    I tried before crying alone, crying it hard. All alone. Believe it or not, guys do cry. Just that not openly. =) Which I find it miserable. So much for pride and ego. Feeling alone is miserable. Imagine scrolling your entire phone contacts, MSN list, Friendster list or what ever and still unable to get someone to share. Sad eh? But I think these kind of situations act as a catalyst to grow faster, mature faster.

    Take care.

    elisia says: Alright. So I guess I just managed to give another figurative slap. Haha…like always I somehow manage to do that. Ok fine, I admit I was thinking back a little and letting my temper/emotions go a little on the high side.

    I do know that guys cry. Hello, we’re all humans. We are capable of emotions. My first time I knew that guys cried was when I heard my dad cry after a quarrel with my mum when I was little.

    I don’t know how that would make one mature faster. I always thought it was a matter of dealing with it and moving on with life coz the world would not stop for you now. Everything just becomes a matter of perception.

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