it cuts deep

As she shared with us that very little bit on what was going on and how she felt, I couldn’t help but feel sorry and angry at the same time. No one should have to go through this sort of thing.

Thinking back about the past. I’m sorry, I cannot erase it from my mind totally. Simply coz of the hurt and disappointment I felt. I cannot understand why people choose to believe a one-sided story and then ostracise someone else. It’s really disappointing to find out that the same people you call friends would do this kinda thing to you. When I say ostracise here, it doesn’t have to mean to totally keep clear from someone. But simply the strange feeling they give you when you’re with them. Like on the surface they talk to you, but probably deep down they think otherwise. It’s like mental vibes to tell you your presence is not wanted.

She is going through exactly the same thing now.

It’s shocking. It really teaches you not to trust people that easily. But is it wrong to try to believe that everyone has that bit of goodness in them? Is it wrong to show the real, genuine you only to become vulnerable to such attacks that you never saw coming? You may think it’s nothing coz as time passes, we may talk again like as if it’s forgotten. But let me tell you, it cuts deep.

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