trying to adjust

Come home, supposed to adjust back my sleeping time. Couldn’t. Was running around shopping for last minute presents. Running off to birthday chalets. Only left me more exhausted than ever. Finally found the time today to actually sleep in and get my internal clock back on track.

Grandparents from Malaysia have come down to stay with us coz grandma’s health problems need to be addressed. Her doctor in Malaysia sounds like bad news to me and my relatives in Malaysia haven’t got the time out of their busy schedules to tend to her. Mum took her to the same eye doctor my family members go to.

Anyway, with my grandparents here, it also means less computer time. So, photos won’t be up till later when I get round to it.

I have a million things to do.
1. Photos to be uploaded.
2. Desktop to be cleared.
3. Hard drive to be cleared coz it is running out of space and the stupid warning keeps popping up.
4. Emails to be answered. Especially tcg trade requests all thrown under pending.
5. Pile of stuff to be sorted in my room.
6. Register for SAT and prepare for it.
7. Look through the papers I collected and seriously consider about school.
8. My dress needs to be altered.

1. I’m in love with long and knee-high socks.
2. I’m looking for another pair of denim shorts.
3. Make-up gives some colour to my face so I look better in photos.

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