ne, Nana

Once again, I’m on a NANA high. That’s coz I just found out there’s a second part to the movie! WOOHOO! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it’ll be too abrupt to end with Hachi (Komatsu Nana) crying coz Takumi is standing right in front of her.

The actors/actress for the characters Komatsu Nana, Ren and Shin have changed for the second part. Hongo Kanata is the new Shin. WHATTTTTTTTT?! That small boy in Hinokio? But I think he’s a good replacement. At least he looks younger to fit the role. Only thing is I can’t imagine how the innocent looking boy is going to look not-so-innocent, having more of a bad boy look. As for the role of Hachi, I can’t understand why they chose to replace Miyazaki Aoi. Her replacement, Ichikawa Yui looks cute but somehow Aoi has this irresistable sweetness to her.

The theme song will be sung by Nakashima Mika (Oozaki Nana). This time, the song is written by Takuro of Glay with the lyrics by Ai Yazawa. Haha…Sis was saying how come it’s not Hyde again but once she heard it’s going to be Takuro, she was appeased. Of course the other song featured will be sung by Yuna Ito (Reira).

OMG! It’s not even showing in Japan yet but I can’t wait for the dvd to be out!!! *bounces around* My wallpaper has been changed. My start page has been changed. All to do with NANA. Woot! :woot:

And I have to thank Ling for influencing me. *bows*

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