moving along fine

I think I’m coming along fine. I just completed a week of my no-life shift. Each team is taking turns to work late each week from now till Dec.

Next week I’ll be going for motor insurance training. Good luck to me. Moving forward from the comfort of working on the easiest type of insurance – travel insurance.

Quite interesting. I get to learn/experience some very interesting things. Like yesterday, I got a call from a lady saying that Finnair cabin crew are on strike, she has to cancel her trip and wants to know whether she can claim for the her prepaid hotel expenses.

Our department also got warned of a very interesting lady. I tell you, this woman is DA BEST. She has always been getting extra 5% discount from her agent. So she expects the whole department to know about it. Best part, she will call up to TEST people. And she will scold you if you don’t know about it. Poor Elly got scolded by her. This is being totally unreasonable. How can the whole department know? There will always be new staff coming in, can’t expect them to know everything right? WTF. So suay to kena scolded by this kinda people. Imagine being suay for 3 years for NOTHING lahz. :angry: :angry: :angry:


Happy Deepavali to all my indian friends.

And Happy 21st birthday to 7ners’ dear Pwen. We miss you.

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