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Making a quick post as it is already late, my grandparents need the room to sleep. I’m not being disrespectful or anything but with them around, I can’t seem to finish what I want to do on the computer. I don’t have much time in the week. After work, I only have a few hours minus doing all the daily necessities like bathing and eating. Weekend, I go out on Saturday and much of the daytime on Sunday is spent studying.

I have yet to change some stuff on my blog, upload and send photos etc. Still haven’t made a post on Wawa’s birthday, Chloe’s birthday and the KDF charity concert yesterday.

Let me just make a few brief statements on S.H.E coming to Singapore. I was to tired to go to their autograph session on last Friday coz it was at IMM. That’s to freakin’ far. Sunday, they were at TM but needed a pass to enter. I checked out TM’s site for information on the pass and I almost cried. Spend $30 in TM to redeem for a pass! 😥 Too late…by then, all the passes sure snapped up. Anyway, to console myself, I told myself that at least I got the concert ticket for their concert next year. 🙂

Embarking on a new week. Motor insurance training on Tuesday and Wednesday. *sigh*

And now, my computer is being a bitch. Getting kinda retarded…

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