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Today’s a bad day. 🙁

I had to handle 2 problematic calls which of course, I pick the calls, MY ass is on the line. To kena twice in a day makes me feel like I’m going to be suay for 3 years.

I cannot understand why people refuse to accept the alternative and want to persist in forcing you into a corner. Just as you want me to understand your position, please try to understand mine. I am not in the position where I can make decisions and promise you anything. We try to give you the best we can offer at the moment while we rectify the problem but that does not mean the change can be made instantaneously. I don’t have magic. I can’t just wave a wand now and make everything ok. So stop trying to make me feel damn small. Stop thinking you can insult my intelligence just coz I can’t argue back. Bottomline: don’t think that just coz you’re the customer, you’re ALWAYS right. It’s not true ok.

The first call made me so frustrated and pissed off that I just wrote “FUCK” on my rough paper. I was even ready to break my pencil in two. Anyway, I wrote some angry words next to her name on my call log sheet. She’s condemned by me. :angry: :angry: :angry:

I need some management lessons. Tell me how to be empathise and yet stay firm. I realise when I empathise with the customer, they somehow get bolder and continue on and on. Oh well, in other words, they finally succeed in making me feel small and I end up having to escalate the call to my team leader. It’s so frustrating. The normal me would have just argued back and even put down the phone if I feel like it. But here, I have to (pretend) to be patient and understanding when I’m bursting inside to tell the person on the line to just fuck off.

2 thoughts on “management lessons

  1. Reckon u need to be more assertive and direct. You could keep repeating your point (like a broken record). Something like “I’m sorry it’s company policy”, “I’m sorry it’s company policy” etc etc helps.

    Another thing is dont give the customer a chance to say no. Something like “Do you mind…?” gives them a chance to turn you down… if you put your request in a direct way, and they say no then they’re just being unreasonable.

    Hope that helps… cos I don’t really understand the scope of your job.

    elisia says: It doesn’t always work repeating the whole company policy thing. But I think the second suggestion can be considered. I also learnt that sometimes the customer gives you a difficult time just coz you’re the small fry in the company. Once you escalate the call to someone higher up, they think they are so damn important, can get to talk to the supervisor then they stop their nonsense.

  2. Unless the policy is something that is reasonable and that it does not just protect the interest of the company, then ranting on the fact that it is a company policy wouldn’t help solve the issue. Instead, what you will face will be another, probably much fiercer customer.

    I have tried being the recipient end of a “It’s the company policy” excuse, and being presented with such an “explanation”, I feel totally unjustified. What most customers are looking for is a solution to their problems. Since they already have a problem on hand, and trying to tell them that the problem is caused by themselves (most of the times, yes… sometimes not.) doesn’t help save the day.

    What’s the use of calling if I know earlier that my problem wouldn’t be stopped?

    Personally, customer service isn’t an easy job. It’s a tough and challenging job and I must say it requires a lot of patience and passion to love the job. Determine what you want in a job prior to settling down for it will help you choose the job you always desired.

    The fact that many people chose a service job just to get some allowance to cover their expenses will eventually realize that the job isn’t just some vacation job, or temp job.

    It’s the soft skills, and the heart ware that matters. I understand and I agree with you that customers can sometimes be an ass. Nevertheless, it’s the smiles and thank you that you received that make your day complete everyday.

    To love the job, you simply need to love to serve people. And that’s the job scope of most customer service personnel. I hope I have provided you with another perspective of this issue =)

    elisia says: Every job has its pros and cons. For a customer service job, the satisfying part is when a customer appreciates your service and thanks you. My colleague said that most of the time there will always be one customer everyday who is nasty or a little difficult.

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