First time in 2-3 months I enter Binan no Nikki and what do I see?

Masuda Tattata (63)

63 entries?! Shit. Major reading to do.

I’m thinking of changing Kuro-chan’s wallpaper to Mike. But I feel like I’m betraying Massu. And when the hell am I THAT crazy over Mike?! *shakes myself* Bloop bloop bloop…

One thought on “shoot

  1. Just change when u feel like it lah.

    Its not betraying lor…siao!! If like that is call betrayal, then I betrayed so many ppl liao…my hubby Koichi, my Hyde-sama, my Kame-chan, my Jin-kun…XD

    elisia says: Please lorz, yours is 一脚不知道踏几艘船!

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