your name in my notebook

Sudden thoughts.

I didn’t blog about watching Death Note on Saturday!!! How could I have forgotten something so important?! :glare: Heh, so Sis, Jie Min and I caught the movie on Saturday. It was good.

Sis and I agree that Light (藤原竜也) reminds us of Ohno from Arashi. That’s coz his face is round, just like Ohno. Sis was kinda disappointed when she saw who was acting as L. That woman lahz…didn’t believe me when I told her the guy is the one acting as Aya’s senior in 1リットルの涙. Haha, she said he looked so cool on the poster.

L is a pretty weird but cool person. Somehow he eats nothing but sweet food. Doughnuts speared on a BBQ skewer. Sugar cubes stacked up tall and later dropped into his cup of tea. Tea stirred with a lollipop. Who would have thought of all these?

Anyway, after watching the movie, it makes one want to threaten anyone who irritates you with “You had better not annoy me or I’ll write your name in the notebook.” Death of an unknown cause. No previous medical history but a sudden heart attack. Sweet.

The God of Death loves eating apples. Do you?

Random thought #1: I shall add this under my wishlist… Dining in 小老板’s shop in Osaka with Per. I hope Per can save up enough money by next year so my wish can be fulfilled before I go off to study for 4 years (another ‘hopefully’ case). *cross fingers and toes*

Random thought #2: Seishun de FEVARrrrr! Mucha kucha na FUCHAaaaa ga ii ne~~~ Mike is cuter than Golf!!! :rofl: Since yesterday, DBSK’s “Rising Sun” and GYM’s “フィーバーとフューチャー” has been on my mind.

Help! It’s the attack of the little ants! A lot of ants appearing in my study room. Wonder where they come from. PK, can you tell your friends to stay away?

One thought on “your name in my notebook

  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo~~!!!

    Golf is so much more cuter than Mike!!! Mike is too girly, Golf more man!!!

    *stomps foot*


    elisia says: Even Mrs Ueda says Mike is cuter lorz. :tongue:

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