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Few things to address…

Home is 2! I don’t remember the exact date I bought this domain but since my site went down for awhile coz it was time to pay up then I knew. I downgraded my webspace plan. Over-ambitious me bought quite a huge amount of webspace only to let it go to waste for over one year. I don’t think I’ll ever get round to fixing all my photos for uploading so yea, the space will only be used for my blog, tcg post and fanlisting site. Not forgetting my 2 hostees. 🙂

I’m praying hard that I’ll get a better score for SAT. It went ok. Maybe coz I’ve experienced it before, this time round I was more concious of the time constraint. I managed to finish each section on time. Didn’t stumble over any Math question which is like a miracle.

I wouldn’t say I was totally serious about studying, laziness still got the better of me. My preparation was just all the exercises in the super thick preparation book and 3 full papers. Anyone could say that that wasn’t enough studying.

Kinda did the whole comparison thing when I found out that Shaz and my cousin would be taking it at the same time. I started to feel that I couldn’t match up to others. That I would be the lousiest in terms of grades. I know I shouldn’t be doing this but I can’t help it. 😥

Other than the SAT, I need to pick up my referral letter from Mr D and to actually get cracking on those essays. Kinda rush I know but if I don’t start, I never will.

Although I don’t really like what I’m doing now, it’s not like I hate it to the point I’m going to breakdown any moment. For the sake of the pay, which is quite good for a temporary job, I wanted to stick it out for the 6 months. Quitting now would mean that I’ll have to go through the hassle of looking for a job and in that time, I would have lost some income. Besides, this job is at prime location, within walking distance from home. I can wake up at 7am and still not be late.

Alas, it’s not to be. I just went through appraisal. Firstly, they think I’m doing fine. Phew! Then, they dropped the bomb. There are too many inbound call agents. After the peak period, each team would be rotated to do outbound calls aka telemarketing. Frankly speaking, telemarketing is not my cup of tea. Not that I’m writing off the job without even trying but I know that it’s just not the job for me. Even as an inbound call agent, there are times where I struggle to be firm when it comes to requests by customers. I can empathise with some of them and want to accede to their requests but I know I can’t coz I’m not in that position to do so.

I refer to the comment that Pwen made a few entries ago on how to be firm yet able to empathise. She said I could try repeating the fact that it’s the company policy. But if you were to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, there are times where this simply wouldn’t work. I end up trying to put myself in both positions – as the call agent and as the customer and end up feeling more miserable than ever. I don’t think I can block out these thoughts and just be thick-skinned and more persuasive, something which telemarketeers should be.

The only other way would be to request for a change in job within the company. A change to something more of data entry/admin nature. But DUH…we all know that data entry is like a no-brainer job for me. No challenge at all since I know I can handle it. The last time I worked in a data entry job, everyday was just keying in data into those same fields that I practically became a robot. I could type at super speed without even reading those fields coz I could remember the order. There was even once or twice that I fell asleep at the keyboard and if not for the loud beep from the computer that I’m holding on to a key for too long, I would have just slept on.

Anyway, there are very few data entry positions in this branch. Even as we speak, there’s an application waiting for a data entry/admin opening that has been there for some time already. Might have a higher chance in HQ but that would mean I’ll have to spend on transport and wake up much earlier. No more free ride to work since Mum has retired from her job.

No hard feelings if I want to quit though. Although it is said that it is a 6 month contract, there are no conditions that bind me to the company. We can still part amicably even before the term is up. But…but…but…I NEED THE MONEY!!! I’m putting aside $300 each month I get my pay for my Japan trip next year. If I give up the job, there’s no guarantee I’ll get another job of equal pay or higher than that of now. Worse, what if there’s nothing available for some time.

Went to the concert sponsored by ABC Stout yesterday. A concert with Chen Sheng, Pin Guan and Mayday. Went with Sis, Jiemin and Angeline. Enjoyed myself though the concert ended quite late thus I had to take urgent leave today.

I wanted to post this earlier but didn’t have the time to and my site was down for a day or so. Per gave me the link for DBSK’s clips on Youtube. Xiah is just too cute! :rofl:

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  1. A little concerned though, when are you leaving for your studies? Any concrete plans yet? I feel you will be better off doing some design work or something that is really your cup of tea? Have you ventured into other possibilities? Anyway, what will you be studying? I realise that many are just paper chasing half the time without knowing what they are doing.

    If you already had plans, then all the best eh? =)

    elisia says: Wah…someone is concerned about me worz. So honoured. Haha…kidding lahz. Haven’t applied to any school yet. But I’ll be applying to start school next fall. Haven’t decided what to study but the beauty of unis in the States is I can enter school as an undecided major.

    Talking about design…it’s high time I change the layout of my blog~~~

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