i love xmas

“Miso sooouuupu I feel lovinnnnn’~~~”

My first presents (not counting the bag from Sis) are from my office colleagues. Today, I come to work and find 3 more presents on my table. The christmas bauble (I suspect there are chocolates in it) from Roseleen is KEEEWWWTT!

*twirls around*

I know there’s a lack in updates. I’m often too tired and lazy to upload pics and all. I promise I will try to get that long awaited post up soon. I need to get the new blog layout up before christmas. I’m so happy just thinking about it. *beams*

I :heart: x’mas!

2 thoughts on “i love xmas

  1. merry christmas!!!!
    sorry for mia-ing for so long from you both. lets just say too much shit has been going on huh…
    anyways, wishing you a merry merry x’mas & a happy new year!! to you, perr & your sis yeah?

    elisia says: メリークリスマス! And a Happy New Year to you too!

  2. p.s miso soup is cute la. lol. and have you watched the interview on domoto kyoudai? its hilarious! lol. koichi was drunk i tell you… and. massu needs a new hairdo la. his hair’s too dry girl! make him go for a treatment or something! XP

    elisia says: Nope, haven’t watched it yet. But looking forward to.

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