bits of the s.h.e concert

I can’t believe I actually only blogged twice in January. That’s so sad…

I can’t really remember what happened after 22 January. I bet it’s just go to work and then go home. Nothing really wonderful.

I went to S.H.E’s concert though. I guess I’ve gotten used to someone going along with me that I felt kinda lonely when I had to go alone this time. It’s just not the same anymore. I want to be screaming and cheering but feel kinda embarassed to do so. I’m not a 16 year old teen anymore. But anyway, I was happily singing to all the songs though I couldn’t even hear my own voice.

Was looking forward to Tank being the guest star but it was Fahrenheit and Stefanie Sun instead. Ok, fine. Not that I’m into Fahrenheit. Haha, I was just trying to see if they were 帅 in person or not. :rofl: I :heart: the song they sang with Hebe.

I’m sort of hurrying this coz I wanna go out shopping. *lol*

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