i felt selfish today

“If I was ever mean to anybody, that was my evil shadow…”

I felt like being selfish and わがまま today. I was tired after work. Went down to TP to get my recommendation letter from Mr Lai. Called Sis to ask about dinner plans. She told me to call Dad instead but did mention that we were all going out to eat together with grandparents. Called Dad but he was in the bath. Decided to proceed to Tampines Central anyway. Called Dad again when I reached the interchange. He didn’t pick up the phone. Called Sis, she insisted that I call Dad. WTH. You’re all at home, why can’t you go ask Dad? Dad called later to say that we weren’t going out aferall. That was it. I was so pissed off that I decided to be selfish and settle my own dinner myself.

Moral of the story: Do not irritate a tired Elisia.

I’m too tired to bother about anything these days. I give half-past six replies to personal emails. I seem to irritate the hell out of others with my can’t-be-botheredness. I am mean to innocent people. 神様 HELP! My evil shadow is taking over me!

Anyway, I finished watching the drama version of タイヨのうた。It’s a little different from the movie version. I couldn’t help but think what would I do if I was told I would die at the age of 20 (ignoring the fact that I’m already past that age). I don’t think I’ll be that brave to accept that fact. 夢と生命どっちの? やっぱり生命でしょう? I don’t think I’ll have the courage to choose 夢。*sigh* I’m a coward.

I didn’t go shopping in the end. I was happily doing the tedious job of renaming all my mp3s in my mp3 player just so it looks more cool when the song title appears in Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters on the display. Ok, so little things like these delight me. I am fully aware that Chinese New Year is just round the corner and I don’t have any new clothes to wear, except for that new black top I bought which is going to be totally useless for Chinese New Year. Haha…

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