floating around

I think I’m leading a very aimless life. I have lost the patience to read blog entries, emails etc. I’m not very updated on the going-ons and news of my friends until someone comes to tell me. I’ve been shrinking away from MSN – half the time I’m in “appear offline” mode. Anyway a random thought, why don’t they just name it “invisible” mode? I haven’t for goodness sake cleared the stuff in my computer.

The only aim I have everyday is to make sure I process/issue at least 20 insurance proposals a day.

What a sad life I have.

One thought on “floating around

  1. *looks around for tagboard*

    well darling, i cant find ur cd the other time round, so i’ll try again on the transit back to singapore 😀 i only had less than 35 mins the first time round man… anyway let me know if theres anything else u would want if i cant find ur cd? 🙂


    much love

    elisia says: Deary, I removed the tagboard a long time ago…

    They are not cds…concert dvds. It’s ok if you can’t find it. I know the transit area in Narita airport isn’t that fantastic to buy cds and dvds unlike that shop in Nagoya airport. :rofl: I’ll probably get them when I go to Japan just that if I can get them earlier then shiok lahz.

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