i’m ok, i really am

I think everyone still thinks I’m just sad and moping around coz I’m MIA on MSN or I don’t really answer messages. I’m fine. I’ve been fine and dandy all week. Just that my computer’s being a little nasty so I can’t open so many programs else they will all hang and I don’t wanna screw up my downloads and have to restart the computer a million times. Oh, and I think I just wanna have the whole week to myself. Newfound freedom since stopping work before grandma’s funeral.

It’s funny how I watch my downloads progress, willing each download to go faster. Been downloading some episodes of 康熙来了 and 娱乐百分百。Also, a few drama specials. Waiting for these downloads to clear then I’ll start on the NANA anime. I finally found subbed episodes! :rofl:

I still think of grandma. It still feels so surreal. But I’m trying to face what’s now and not the past.

I’ve got my NewS spring con goods. *squeals*

Someone has become our favourite topic, our new idol. *sniggers* “Idol’s quotes is the bible. Idol’s word is the law…”

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