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Clothing and Online Shopping
Everytime I go to the mall, I see clothes and I think to myself that I need to shop for new clothes but I never get to it. There was a time when I got hooked on online sprees and would keep checking the site to make sure I never missed a good spree. Anyway, I didn’t go crazy and buy a whole wardrobe of clothes, only got about 2 pieces of clothing. But of course, everything has its cons. Buying online would mean I couldn’t try on the clothing to make sure it fit nicely. I have to just trust the measurements given and hope it fits. This time I joined 2 sprees and ordered 4 pieces of clothing. Crossing my fingers that they will fit ok.

I found a good online shop with Japanese inspired clothing but don’t seem to have any luck with it. So I signed up as a new customer and logged in. Click on the menu but it keeps throwing me back to the login page. I checked out their forum and found that I’m not the only one who has encountered this problem. However, there isn’t any helpful solutions. So, if you have luck with AsiaJam.com, do let me know.

I’m hoping that some band will perform an OLIVIA song at the annual D’J Party. Since most performing bands play J-rock music, they could choose songs like ‘Stars Shining Out’, ‘Wish’ or ‘SpidERSpins’.

If you’re not the kind who listens to rock music, ‘SpidERSpins’ may seem a little too much at first. All the “drum banging” and furious guitar playing just seems like noise. But OLIVIA’s “tadada tadatadaa…” will soon get stuck in your head and the music will grow on you and finally you’ll learn to love it.

Rock music and an angelic voice/face seems to be an odd couple but OLIVIA has done it. One would never have imagined her with such a cute face to be associated with angsty/morbid album titles such as ‘The Return of The Chlorophyll Bunny’, ‘Comatose Bunny Butcher’, ‘Merry & Hell Go Round’ or ‘Internal Bleeding Strawberry’. Then again, she does it well and I find myself drawn to her music. Her newer works are less angsty and have more of a dreamlike sound so there’s variation and choice for those who just can’t stand rock music and morbid lyrics.

By the way, this sounds really random but my little first cousin, Lee Ann looks like a mini version of OLIVIA. 小小 OLIVIA…haha, how cute. :rofl:

Recently, I was talking to Shaz on MSN. Turns out, he’s watching 1リットルの涙。This is one drama I cannot stop talking about. It’s really sad and will make you cry buckets but it’s worth watching. Even better if you end up buying the book to read coz the drama and book is a little different.

I am even thinking of recommending the book to my aunt who has a condition that has almost similar effects as what Aya suffered from. Trouble is the book is only translated to Mandarin and I’m not sure my aunt can read Mandarin. I am hoping that the book will give her comfort and hope.

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