mummy dearest

“听妈妈的话,别让她受伤” – 周杰伦 ‘听妈妈的话’

I :heart: Mummy
Happy Mother’s Day! 13 May and I’m still acting like a brat. Just shoot me.

But of course, I love my mummy!!! ママ大好き!!! For having to put up with this わがまま娘, ママは最高!!! It’s useless to say sorry for this and that coz I’m going to keep doing it. Your patience with me is endless. 本当ありがとう。

I think that 天天火锅… place in Bugis is overrated. After watching the commercial repeat in the night, I was all set to try the place.

Last Saturday, Grace, Sis and I had dinner there. Just looking at the variety of food items on the lighted board outside the place made me happy. Got seated, chose the soup we wanted then went over to pick our food items… Ermz, where are the button mushrooms? There was a huge variety of ermz…balls – fishballs, sotong balls, prawn balls, meatballs, mushroom balls, vegetable balls but no button mushrooms. How can~~~~~~~

Mind you, having a meal there doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. I would have expected a better variety of food rather than just balls. Too bad, the steamboat place at TM is gone. Although the place wasn’t buffet style and probably cost more, the variety of food was good.

Meow Meow
There’s a temporary resident in Per’s house. A black cat named Boover, belonging to a friend. The good thing is you can touch Boover without having to fear of your hand bitten or scratched. Doesn’t really matter to me since I am quite afraid of cats. I can be in the same room with a cat but please don’t come near me. I tend to be a little more jumpy too.

Talking about cats, Sis and I name the cats around our neighbourhood.
Yoda – old cat with a limp and funny ears. Disappeared.
Calico – a very pretty calico cat but pity she’s a ‘fraidy cat. Disappeared.
Small Brown – young cat who has been coughing up hairballs lately.
Mean Face – well, he just has a mean face.
Ellie – looks like Mean Face but has a nice long tail. Sis came up with this stupid name which is shortform for ‘Elephant’. Just coz the cat is grey-ish. -_-|||
Oreo – black and white cat. Missing for a few days now.
Mikan – orange cat who loiters around the other end of the block.
Ham – funny little brown thing with frizzy fur and no tail.

I got S.H.E’s latest album “Play”. Normally I would wait till later so in case the singer/s come for an autograph session and the album comes with the session coupon then. But I couldn’t wait this time. I wanted to get it so I can listen to it on my Japan trip. Familiarise with the tunes.

Luckily I rip the music out to fit into my mp3 player. Else, the cd would have been played until 烂。Same goes for 飞轮海’s cd.

I must say that there’s something different about this new album. More rapping and other music influences. I’m currently into the title track “中国话”. Haha, aiming to master the tongue twisters in the song. Wish me good luck with that.

H!P girl, Tsuji-chan is pregnant and getting married. Of course, that means she’ll have to leave H!P. In other words, kicked out.

In Japan, getting married at 19 isn’t something you should be shocked about since it’s common. But yea, never expected her to decide on something like that since she has still got a long way to go in showbiz. After Kago’s bad publicity, I thought Tsuji-chan would have been “more sensible”. Besides, she was named to form a new unit just recently.

Then again, these girls enter showbiz at a young age not really knowing what they want in life. The life in showbiz can be really cruel. You don’t have the time to do the things you want. Even if you get the time, you aren’t allowed to date and form relationships. You have to be really really careful all the time coz the public has their eye on you. Just say byebye to a “normal” life. It’s pretty interesting why then people still try so hard to enter showbiz.

Anyway, congrats to Tsuji-chan and thank God she decided to keep the baby.

I was prepared, I had plasters in my bag. However, even with 3 plasters pasted on my feet, the damage was done. I have 4 blisters, the one on my left heel the most painful. Pretty new shoes = feet torture.

Mum says “Ai swee mai mia” (meaning “Wanna look good but don’t want your life”).

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