new songs for me to sing

Sing Sing Sing
Went CS-ing yesterday with Sis, Per and Joyce. So exciting! They updated the songs in the system so there were all the new songs. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ :heart:

I managed to sing NewS’ “星をめざして”!!! :heart: I also tried OLIVIA’s “Stars Shining Out”. I was a little afraid that I wouldn’t be able to manage it so I just kept silent while the first verse played. But I figured it was quite ok. 🙂 Only there’s this part that goes very very high-pitched, my already thin voice goes even thinner and Sis says I sound like I’m singing for the mosquitoes to hear. :rofl:

Yea, I once joked with Sis that if ever I join a group, I’ll just be the wall-flower of the group. Coz the wall-flower of the group doesn’t get to sing upfront due his/her weaker vocals. He/she sings most of the harmonising parts. Haha, but even so, that is totally impossible! Why? Coz I can’t dance. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. Maybe someone should invent the “stiff cardboard dance” or “wooden dance”…

Leggings and Shoes
I was flipping through May’s issue of Kera and I saw this model wearing the type of leggings I wanna get. Ya, you don’t have to bother about the rest of the clothes she’s wearing…haha…

Also, I decided to check out the website for this online shop that sells punk/rock shoes and boots. They also sell the rocking shoes. They do international orders but the shoes don’t come cheap. Hmmm…

Teacher of Technology
Our phones are of the same brand but different. Thank God the settings for Mum’s handphone is about the same as mine.

I was in the shower and Mum just asked me how to change the alert tone when there’s a sms. So, I gave her instructions there and then by memory.

Why does it happen to be only me in the family who knows all this technology stuff? I wonder if anyone really thought for a moment how did I learn how to do all this stuff. I too had to read the instruction manual or fiddle around with settings. I don’t just know things you know.


Ok, fine. I’m the same. I keep asking James to fix my internet connection when it goes wonky.

Slow vs. Ill-bred
Our family was having dinner at a hotel restaurant yesterday. 3 kids from a neighbouring table were running around and making a lot of noise. It’s very dangerous for kids to run around in a restaurant. Moreover, the noise they were making was getting on my nerves. All this while, the adults at their table didn’t even bother to stop them. :angry:

Grace said that she didn’t mind children who were slow at grasping facts but there’s no excuse for ill-bred children. I totally agree with her. Now, I’m really thanking Mum and my babysitter for whacking me when I was young. At least, I grew up knowing what is to have good manners.

Hurhur…now, I know of 2 who badly need smacking…

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