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NANA!!! Hahaha… :laugh:

07.07.07 Live Earth. The day that we are supposed to “wake up” and realise we are destroying our home. I didn’t need this day to remind me of pollution, the greenhouse effect and global warming. I learnt about this a long time ago when Dad presented me with a set of 4 books on pollution. I loved those books! :heart: Must go search for them and take a photo… 💡

We’re told/advised to wear green to show our support. Hey, I did wear green! But, I think it’s kinda just all bullshit. After today, everybody is going back to their boring little lives and forget the whole message. We don’t need local actors and actresses to tell us they are “NOT EXAGGERATING” when probably all of them drive cars. More cars on the road = more pollution, no? It’s not like you’re going to trash out your car and take public transport to work tomorrow right?

7 concerts in 7 countries, just to create awareness. What happened to saving energy? The lights, sound equipment etc…they don’t need electricity to work? I bet most of the people watching the concerts (whether live or at home) are not bothered about “answering the call”. They probably just want to see that famous star perform. I’m not pointing fingers at others without pointing one at myself. I too, wanted to watch 大塚 愛 and 倖田 來未’s performances.

What I mean is, the end of the world is inevitable. Already the effects of global warming are getting worse each year. Why? Coz technology is becoming more and more advanced. Humans no longer use primitive methods to go about with their daily tasks. New gadgets are being invented each day which as time goes by, becomes a necessity in our lives. Yes, we can all do our little parts in delaying the end of the world but the question is, are you willing to? Until you have seriously thought about that, you can stop acting all smug about “answering the call”.

See, this entry is in green. I’m showing my support. :yay: Haha… :laugh:

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