food for the boy

お誕生日おめでとうマッス!!! I hope you have a good birthday with lots of food. Maybe surrounded by tons of 肉まん and 小笼包。Haha… :laugh: Although in Japan, you’re already considered an adult at 20 years of age but to most of the rest of the world, you’ve just reached adulthood. Welcome to the club. I hope with the increase of age, you’re also wiser. Please don’t go do something stupid for a moment’s pleasure and get yourself into trouble.

I thought I’ll make use of the cut to talk about something else which has nothing to do with the topic…

I watched my first movie alone today coz Sis and Per already watched it and I didn’t want to stick around either being the last one to watch it or completely missing the movie on the big screen. Well, it went ok but I think I need some getting used to.

I don’t quite remember the cartoon version except for the theme song coz either I have bad memory or I just wasn’t interested in it at that time. But I’ll say that it’s a good thing to relive your childhood. They brought back Spiderman, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears and My Little Pony…cartoons and toys from my time. It wasn’t a surprise they brought back Transformers. I wonder what they’ll bring back next…Shoe People?

Anyway, the movie was cool, though I kinda thought “damn, how come the bad guys always seem to have the best gadgets while the good guys get crummy stuff and have to almost get killed in the process of fighting the bad guys”. WTH…the bad guys can morph into fighter planes, helicopters, war tanks etc…and what do the good guys morph into? Trucks and cars. Hurhur…very funny horz. :sweat:

How come the power from the stupid cube (Allspark) transforms gadgets into angry little things? Didn’t the Transformers come from that cube and only when Megatron got power hungry then the bad guys evolve? Which meant that the Cybertron was once happy place filled with good robots.

And how come the Transformers can come to Earth but can’t go back without the cube?

Anyway, the movie was good. Go catch it if you haven’t. :laugh:

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