everyday is reading day

I wonder how my neighbours seem to find the time to watch tv. I seem to be doing my readings everyday and find like I only have about an hour or so for leisure. One hour to play games, watch dramas, update blog etc…where got enough?!

Trying to keep on top of things. Astronomy is interesting but it’s getting difficult. The text is dry with a number of terms and concepts to understand. I just read up about eclipses and thank God I remember how Dad used visuals (his fists) to teach me about them when I was young.

Anyway, I missed out on the lunar eclipse. 3+am, didn’t think I could handle that. But I woke up a few times at night wondering if the orange light pouring in from the window was from the eclipse or the street lights. I bet it was just my imagination. Per caught it. I’m so jealous~~~ Now, I’ve got to wait till next year. Was chatting with CJ sometime in the afternoon and she said we could exchange information on astronomy. Here’s what she also said…”Boss, you are such a geek.” Well, that statement certainly meant no harm. I think it’s sort of true. My aunt has made the observation that my uncle and I share an interest on IT stuff. We could run wild in Best Buy. And here I am, interested in astronomy. HAHAHA… :laugh:

Just for the curious, I survived Rhetoric class. Turns out I’m not the only one who found the readings tough. We got our first assignment which we can begin on after the trip to the school art musuem on Thursday. *nods* I will try my best to analyse my chosen topic so I can write a good paper.

Our floor had dinner together today. As usual, I’m so quiet. But I guess most people do know already that I have a talkative side which is displayed to people whom I’m very familiar with. The girls are nice. Some gave me advice on school and stuff.

Tomorrow night is Open Doors Night. We leave our room doors open so the other girls on the floor can visit and we get to know each other. My room isn’t that interesting coz it’s kinda simple and bare. I put up all those farewell gifts on the wall since I don’t have posters. They are also there to remind me to study hard and that you guys are always with me. I also moved the 2 cork boards since they kept falling off the wall. Double-sided mounting squares are supposed to be invincible. I never tried tack (it’s not blue so can’t be called blu-tack) coz I believed it wouldn’t hold. In a last resort, I used just that. Well, what do you know? It worked. The cork boards are now on the side wall.

2 thoughts on “everyday is reading day

  1. my supervisor saw me reading astronomy magazine and concluded me geeky… i dunno why people stereotype astronomy ppl as geeky.. if only they realise how cool the universe is. =)

    elisia says: Yea manz. There’s so much going on out there.

  2. Yeah well, I’m a geek too. Research gives me orgasms.

    elisia says: Wow, didn’t think research could get THAT exciting. But, I guess if the topic is an interesting one and finding out new facts and secrets of the past would then be rather exciting.

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