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Let me tell you a secret. My blood is green coz I’m actually an alien in disguise. The real Elisia got kidnapped a long time ago that’s why everytime you ask me (Elisia) what I remember about my childhood before 4-5 years old, I have no recollection…

HAHAHA…kidding. But I seriously would like to answer that when those security officers ask “Where are you from?” at the airports. C’mon, that’s such an open-ended question. Be more specific manz.

That’s beside the point. I just had a blood test. I’m not going into the long explanation of why I went for a blood test. Contrary to what I thought, it was ok. People keep scaring me with stories that the needle is freakin’ huge so it’s painful and the blue-blacks I see on people’s arms are just the proof of the hell they went through. Not that I’m afraid of needles. If I need to be poked then of course, I don’t really have a choice do I? Just make sure that the nurse is an experienced one. No poking more than the required number of times and no hesitating which reflects badly on your experience and career.

The needle used was certainly larger than the usual used to administer booster shots. But I liked the way the nurse did the whole procedure professionally. It was quick and I didn’t feel a thing. Even when the needle punctured my skin, it just felt like a pin prick.

Hey, now I can seriously consider donating blood…

2 thoughts on “drawing blood

  1. hey girl! am glad to read that you are quite ok with your life in states currently eh? deep down inside my heart i thought you are very strong and independent to live abroad alone ne…cos i don’t think i can do it…and there’s so little JE dosage there!! really you are great..continue to work hard there k? whenever you feel alone think of us! ur friends! MASSU!!! really JE dosage makes a fangirl feels a lot better..lol at least for me lah! XD well hope you can too enjoy ur life there and take good care of yourself k! GANBATTE KUDASAI~! GOGOGO! ^^

    elisia says: I think I get the strength from knowing that this is a decision I make for myself. This is what I want for myself. But, there are times when I’m ちょっと寂しい。That’s when I think a lot about home and have this really small tiny idea of what if I could run home now.

    I think I’m kinda anti-social at times too…

  2. Yeah, as long as u don’t let a doctor draw your blood, you’ll survive. Insist on a nurse everytime! 😛

    elisia says: Personal experience? Haha…

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