i miss

Yes, I do realise I’m long overdued on those photos. Just give me some more time, please?

I miss the food back home. Where the hell can I find fish ball mee, bah chor mee, yong tau foo or hainanese chicken rice here? They don’t have yellow noodles or even beehoon. πŸ™

I realise I miss home a lot when I lay down to sleep. It kind of scares me that I’ll wake up tomorrow and not hear the voices of my family. Suddenly, the bed I lay on just seems so foreign. IΒ hit the “send/receive” button in Microsoft Outlook Express a little too often. I’m anxious to receive mail from home. I need to know what is going on back home so I don’t feel too distant from all of you.

It’s only one month and I miss home…terribly. πŸ™

6 thoughts on “i miss

  1. Don’t they have Singapore noodles there? Lol

    elisia says: It’s not funny lorz. Singapore noodles is noodles fried with curry powder. What is that manz? We don’t even have that back home.

  2. Don’t they have a Chinatown there? ;D Unless I got the info wrong ;___;

    elisia says: Champaign and Urbana are small towns. The nearest Chinatown is in Chicago which is 2-3 hours away.

  3. We’re busy packing so no time for Mummy to email you. And she doesn’t allow me on the computer too, because it will take time away from packing. She’s getting antsy and panicky now.

    So how did I manage to leave this comment? Secretly lah, after they have all gone to bed~~!! >.

    elisia says: I know. I’m just talking in general.

  4. Hey boss! time will pass quickly & soon you’ll be back! =) do they have chinese groceries stores? like liang court sells jap stuff so japanese can still get to eat their food – albeit expensive…

    elisia says: Asian supermarkets? Ya, they do. But they don’t sell fishballs. Mostly opened by Koreans.

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