keeping warm

I was just about to blog when the fire alarm went off. Thank God I didn’t decide to go bathe after dinner like I usually do. Julliane said they do this fire drill at odd times. Once, they set the alarm off at 2am in the morning.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this entry.

The stupidest thing to do when it’s cold outside is to wear slippers. Ya, my toes got frozen. I learnt my lesson and wore shoes since yesterday. I also discovered that my OP jacket/windbreaker is not enough to keep warm on cold mornings. Out came the pink Illinois(ssssss) sweater. It worked but I don’t think I can wear black tees underneath it coz the inner lining is fluffy and the lint gets stuck on the tee, making it look like I just rolled around in dust. Well, just 2 days of wearing the sweater and I fell in love with it so I got another one at Follett’s. The new one is orange (school colour). 🙂 People wear their school colours proud here. The bookstores sell tons of school memorabilia. From lanyards to mugs, stationery, sweaters, tees, track pants, pyjama pants etc. I’m just jumping on the “I love school” bandwagon.

The transition to autumn is beginning. It’s rather cold in the morning now. Not like super frostbite cold but definitely much much colder than the lowest temperature back home. Some students can tahan the weather coz they still walk around in tees and shorts, but I don’t think anyone from Singapore can do that. Afternoons are a little warmer with the sun out. You can afford to take off the sweater but I keep it on coz I’m just too lazy to keep taking it off then putting it back on.

I went to the planetarium at Parkland College yesterday. It was part of my Astronomy class syllabus. I sort of expected to have a view of the night sky through telescopes etc. Didn’t get that. I got the view of the night sky through this machine projecting images on the dome ceiling. But, it wasn’t that bad coz the guy gave a very good and fun explanation to the night sky. Of course, it’s not an excursion…it comes with a price, in the form of homework and a 150-200 word essay.

Before I sign off, here are some cam-whoring photos…

This is my first time in ages, tying up my hair. After doing that pose, I realised the Massu board was just behind me, so…

Last but not least…

PS: If you’re wondering what’s with the Illinois(sssss) thing, it’s a joke. The ‘s’ is meant to be silent when you pronounce the word but students like to emphasize the ‘s’ as a joke. Learnt that on Convocation Day while singing the school song.

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