how cold it is

I never really knew how cold it was until I came over to my aunt’s place for the weekend. Wow, it dips down to an all-time low of 50 degrees fahrenheit (about 10 degrees celsius) at night. And I was walking back to my dorm from Daniels Hall on Friday night. Woooooo…

J-Net was having a movie screening on Friday night. Had it not been for the movie, I would have gone over to my aunt’s place earlier. Luckily Man Ling agreed to drive me over. I think the girl was sleeping later when it was time to leave coz she asked Dominic to drive me over instead. Thanks to the both of them. I really owe you guys one.

Today, I walked out to Savoy to check where the bus stop is and also to go catch a movie before it closes, “Becoming Jane“. Armed with a printout map, I managed to walk out to Savoy without getting lost (a big feat) or panicking. The movie was kinda emotional but nicely done. It’s about the author, Jane Austen. If you had studied literature, you most likely would have read “Pride and Prejudice“. It was quite likely she styled the characters in the image of herself and her lover.

After the movie, I tried to find the bus stop as stated on the bus guide but couldn’t really find it. I saw another one, not sure whether that’s the one though. Good luck to me tomorrow.

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