mugger toad

I can’t remember where I heard that but yea, it’s a name given with bad intention to a person who likes to study intensively. I need to become one. I’ve been slacking a bit in the weekend so now the readings are sort of not on schedule. Well, I like to read ahead so I can save myself the hassle of reading everyday.

I’ve not started on my Astronomy planetarium report or my second Rhetoric essay. I’ve yet to do my readings for Psychology and the test is next Tuesday. These days, my books are all piled on the floor, next to my writing desk instead of the bookshelf.

I’ve been sleeping late these few days. Almost fell asleep during the Psychology study and Astronomy lecture. At first, the Psychology study was kinda exciting. My first time being part of an experiment. After awhile it got boring staring at a screen with dots, Hs, and As of red, blue, and green appearing at random moments, and me trying to search the screen for a red or blue H and responding in the fastest time possible. I swear, there were moments when my tired mind and eyes played up and everything started to swim around. Really had to blink hard to stay awake.

I know I can handle everything in the end but I just don’t want to keep doing last minute work. I need to be on top of things.

The “Stop slacking and doing last minute work, you stupid girl!!!” sign pinned on my cork board is not working. How?!

Anyway, a follow-up from the last entry… In the end, I figured out where to wait for the bus. There wasn’t a bus stop sign in sight but I figured I could just wait by the side of the junction since it is printed on the bus guide as a time stop.

I think anyone who saw me must have been amazed by this small girl lugging so much weight around. I walked a LONG way from my aunt’s place to that junction with a heavy backpack (filled with 2 textbooks and 2 large spiral notebooks), a laptop bag strapped across, and a huge and heavy bag of laundry. I would have given up and cried had it not for me telling myself “頑張れ、もう少し。” 4-5 times along the way. I really don’t know whether I can do this again. I thought I could manage going to my aunt’s place in the weekends but it really seems I can’t. Where is the boyfriend who drives when you desperately need one?

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