chotto sabishii

I finally got to go to the night-time observation after 2 cancelled dates coz of the weather. It was a little disappointing though. Maybe I had too high an expectation. I expected to see Jupiter really close-up but all I saw was a dot with 3 smaller dots in a row next to it. The 3 smaller dots are Jupiter’s moons. The moon wasn’t a disappointment though. It was nice, big, and full as it was 中秋节。I got to see the dark spots, Maria, and craters a little clearer. As for the star cluster, I spent too much time at the smaller telescopes that by the time I got to the big telescope, the clouds had moved in. So, I went back the next day. Another little disappointment. The star cluster wasn’t super bright. Kinda faint. A fact for everyone: Contrary to popular belief, Polaris (the North Star) is not the brightest star.

This is probably my second time saying this but…God, where’s my boyfriend who drives? I walked all the way back to my dorm from the Assembly Hall after the Weird Al Yankovic show. I couldn’t see a bus stop and I didn’t want to be left alone at that place so I just walked. I think if anything at all, I wasn’t afraid that I would be assaulted but more afraid that I’ll get lost and there’s no one around to help me. The whole time I was telling myself not to get lost or I’ll cry. I had the bus guide in hand but not all the roads are clearly marked out, only the main ones. Guess what I did? I used the moon to guide me. Don’t laugh ok. I remembered from the night-time observation which direction the moon was in relation to where my dorm was. So as long as I follow that same direction, it would lead me towards my dorm.

天下大乱。本来安慰我的人,现在反而变成我安慰他。*sigh* Kang Jie somehow reminds me of sensei. Maybe it’s coz he listens to what I have to say and doesn’t judge. 哎哟,好丢脸。还要一个年级比我小的人来安慰。Rhetoric seems to be a pain to everyone. *sigh*

This week has been a rather hectic one. From completing assignments, studying for an exam, Psychology studies, to running around helping friends. I haven’t gotten enough sleep. I completely nod off one Astronomy lecture. Not good. Moreover, I missed a grade by 2 marks for my Psychology exam, earning me a C. Super not good. However, I also did last minute studying so if anything at all, I’m the one to blame. On the brighter side, I hope my second Rhetoric essay will earn me a better grade. I put more effort into it this round. I need to buck up. Elisia will keep trying to do better!!! *nods*

At times I feel a little lonely…

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  1. all i wanna see is the moon…jealous tt u get to see e planets no matter how small…

    elisia says: Singapore has too much light pollution. Even if you invest in a telescope also no use.

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