dying a slow death

I feel like I’m dying very very slowly. I’m sliding very very slowly… I’m losing my grip…

Mid-terms are a week away. I dare not think of the outcome. I wonder why I have to study twice as hard to get that grade when everyone seems to be sailing past effortlessly. Why do I ALWAYS have to be surrounded by smart asses? Why am I ALWAYS attracted to smart asses?

And I still don’t know how to tackle the 3rd Rhet essay…

Some random things: 

Doing laundry makes me happy. I love the warm, fuzzy feeling my clothes give me when I smell them. It gives me this comfort that feels like I’m home. I love watching my clothes getting tossed round and round in the dryer.

I hate waking up from a dream, thinking I’m at home and the sudden realisation that hits me that I’m not. Then, I just stare into space for a good 10 minutes. Per, now I understand the joy you had in staring into space back in Secondary school. For a moment, just a moment, the world seems to stop…

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