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It was in ‘VERY BEAUTY’ that we saw a grown up Berryz工房. °C-ute has finally reached that stage too. In their PV for their new song, ‘都会っ子 純情’, their dressing style and overall appearance does not scream kiddy anymore. Lined eyes and curled hair make them look a whole lot grown up.

I never really liked Kanna for some reason. She looked kinda weird especially when she smiled, but in this PV, she looks really grown up and nice. Maybe coz she isn’t smiling. It’s like how Per said 上戸 彩 looked weird when she smiled, but in ‘Azumi‘, she looked so much cooler coz she didn’t smile.

I like how they gave Saki a grown up look by curling her hair. Even Mai Mai looks more grown up although she’s still the baby of the group. I think she was given this look ever since she collaborated with Koharu for Kira☆Pika.

I’m trying to figure out whether the PV is shot in Yokohama as in the last scene…

I kinda dislike the monologue bits at the beginning and ending of the song by Maimi. I also realised that Airi doesn’t look cute anymore. She’s very much like Risako. Cute when young but 不耐看 when grown up.

関ジャニ∞ has a new PV too. For their song, ‘イッツ マイ ソウル’。Johnny always has the worst outfits for the groups. K8 looked so much like go-go-boys in the PV with shorts/hot pants.

Tacchon got a fair bit of solo singing but…he still looks like a se bei bei. It’s all Johnny’s fault…

One thought on “girls growing up

  1. eeeeeeeeeee~!!! K8 looks so disgusting in those hot pants~!!! *shrieks in disgust*

    elisia says: Wah…you better don’t let Per see this manz…

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