lives are torn

“I want to be your dream catcher…” – from OLIVIA’s ‘Dream Catcher’

Yesterday night, I was reading the essay from my textbook to prepare for my Rhet research paper. I have decided to go with the class chosen topic of Global Issues and have chosen to focus on slavery in India. Halfway through the essay, I was already feeling sick. Not sick as in physically sick, but more like I was filled with dread and sadness. Although the essay was written in the 1800s, we all know that slavery still exists in the world. Families, coz of poverty, have to sell off their children to become labourers or prostitutes. It’s so sick to see a photo of an 11-year-old pregnant girl. WTF. I hope the guy who impregnated her, rots in hell manz. These children probably don’t even know what sex is and already their lives are being torn like that. 🙁

It pains me. How can people even do that to other people? Some are even regular church-goers. What happened to “do unto others what you want others to do unto you” or “we are all created in God’s image?” Hypocrites. God gave us life which we should love and treasure, but instead these people (the slaves) are wishing everyday to die. It’s so so sad. 🙁

Mum told me to thank God everyday that I’m alive. Yes, I’m too blessed. Too sheltered, too blessed that sometimes I feel guilty about it.

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  1. Yeaps, slavery and prostitution still exist in India. Little children are addicted to drugs and in a way they have no choice but to peddle drugs. Tibet is equally bad. There’s a free Tibet movement in London. Well, thank God that we are alive and living in comfortable Singapore.

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