shopaholic demon unleashed

9pm = late night = りんご! Nahz, I think I’ll pass today. I feel like I’m so kiasu, rushing down to the late night just to get cut apples. If I don’t rush, usually in half an hour, the apples are gone, leaving me with only the mixed fruit cup as fruit choice. I don’t really like the mixed fruit cup coz the melon is not sweet.

The purpose of this entry is to report my crazy shopaholic ways for the past 3 days. Maybe it’s coz my exams have just ended so I really need to unwind and go for retail therapy. I don’t even want to comment on the damage done… You have no right to reprimand me (except for Mum) coz I seldom buy a lot of clothes during the year. Note that certain items are not in the photo coz I forgot to put them in.

The breakdown of 3 days…

Last Friday:
2 pink long sleeved tops
American Eagle
1 grey long sleeved thermal top
Wet Seal
1 pair of black pyjama pants (for Sis)

Kohl’s –
2 pairs of jeans
1 red hooded long sleeved thermal top
1 black turtle neck long sleeved top
Hot Topic –
1 black Hello Kitty jacket
1 red and black striped long sleeved Skelanimals top
1 red plaid skirt (returned today)

Claire’s –
2 punk leather bracelets
1 pair of black and white striped long socks
Target –
2 bottles of nail polish
1 bottle of nail polish remover
3 pairs of underwear (come in a pack)

I also recently ordered some Emily Strange stuff online. A red plaid newsboy cap, a pair of red plaid long socks, a red plaid skirt, and 3 pairs of underwear (come in a pack). Kinda disappointed coz the skirt is too huge (and it’s small size!!!) I doubt even Sis can wear it. Probably going to sell it. The underwear wasn’t spared too. Small size but still freakin’ huge. Talking about underwear, the ones I bought from Target are actually kids size 10. No offence but people here are generally bigger or something…even their butts are bigger. Oopz…

The pink long sleeved tops from Aeropostale seem to be a little too thin for really cold weather. If it’s moderately cold, I can still wear them under my sweater, but these days are getting a little too cold to wear them. Probably have to layer them with a tank top or something coz they are a little too thin and see-through.

I love the red hooded thermal top from Kohl’s, but due to the V-neck opening, I need to wear something inside. Trying to find a black tank top to pair it with. The black turtle neck top is to pair with a red plaid overall dress I got way earlier. It’s rather thin so I would be able to wear it in Singapore too.

I got a pair of jeans earlier coz I only have 2 pairs with me and I don’t find that enough especially when I’m constantly wearing jeans in the cold weather. Wanted to get another pair but ended up getting 2 more pairs. Reason coz it’s really hard for me to find jeans that fit due to my huge hips. Moreover, certain brands have short cutting which is not too long for me. They are not too pricey too!

I nicknamed Hot Topic our (Sis and I) favourite store. It has lots of punk rock clothing which kinda fits the Japanese fashion image Sis and I usually dress in. I wanted to get this red plaid skirt I saw but ended up with other stuff as well. Oopz… Anyway, I returned the skirt today. I got small size thinking that was the smallest size available which was still a little big but not that bad. Went back and saw from their online store that the smallest size is extra small. So I ordered it online.

The good thing about stores here is that you can return stuff as long as they are in good condition and with the tags still intact. Not like Singapore where there’s the no return policy in most stores.

There’s just so many cute and pretty stuff around. :heart: Claire’s has these really cute Hello Kitty long socks and arm warmers. Trying to restrain myself from buying them. I still am finding a good and moderate priced pair of boots for winter. Oh, and a nice scarf. I saw a red plaid one in the display for Victoria’s Secret, but I doubt it’s for sale. Yes, I love red plaid, red and black striped, and pink stuff. 🙂

Ok, I need to restrain myself for the next few months. Already wondering how I’m going to pay Mum back for all this stuff when I go home next year. Die liaoz

After this entry, I expect Mum to be calling me coz Sis is probably going to report to her on my great spending… Oopz…

One thought on “shopaholic demon unleashed

  1. OMG OMG!! Aero, Wetseal, AE, Target,kohls, Hot Topic…. I’m so jealous! Can you teleport me there?

    The only way to get those things here is to join spree and always have to wait 2 weeks or more. Pity the photo is not big enough for me to see everything clearly!!!

    elisia says: Remember, if you wanna get anything and can wait till next summer to receive it, I can help you get it.

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