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[edited @ 6.37pm]
Wooooooooooooooooooo…I got an A for my Astronomy mid-term exam!!! I need to buck up and study earlier for Psychology though. Been missing the B grade by 1-2 marks. Crossing my fingers for Econs. I need to get an A for my final Rhet research paper to probably secure an A for my final grade.

Whoa…this is scary. My MSN friend list looks so empty coz almost everyone is offline. All the SSA people have gone to Indiana for Mid-Western games. Man Ling is driving me and Kaoru tomorrow morning.

I couldn’t get more gyoza today coz it was raining and J-Net couldn’t set up the booth. They got the tent shade thing but coz of the electric cooker and the fear of getting electrocuted, they couldn’t start cooking. They couldn’t set up the booth inside Union coz Union doesn’t allow any cooking inside for safety reasons. In case you’re wondering, this whole gyoza sale is a J-Net fundraiser.

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