halloween night

So, I already thought of what I want to wear: punk lolita. I thought I had it all planned. Get someone to drive me over to the party so I don’t have to worry about how to keep myself warm. Suddenly, it struck me. Wednesday = J-Net fashion show meeting. I’m back to square one.

1) Need to worry how to keep myself warm. I don’t want to wear my pullover sweater coz it’s very troublesome to take off and put on over my top. Also, I will look damn kuku lahz. I do have a black jacket but it isn’t very thick and won’t keep me really warm. How?!

2) Skipping the meeting is out of the question. We’re going to actually start practising walking and stuff this week. Which also means that it’s going to be difficult to get off early. I don’t think the fashion show committee is going to postpone the meeting just coz it’s halloween.

Sidenote: Sometimes I really wonder what I’m getting myself into. Modern fashion group is planning on doing a little para para. Good grief. I can’t dance and have lousy coordination skills. If I can’t nail this, it just proves that I am super duper lousy.

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