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[edited @ 8.11pm]
Back from the fashion show meeting. Now, for the little introduction on the new layout. I’ve been wanting to do a layout featuring Olivia for quite some time but never had the time or inspiration. All the time, I was just searching for images to blend. Blending, blending, blending…that was all I had in mind. Until last night, I was looking through all the images I collected and suddenly, the idea came into mind.

I initially wanted the header to be sort of like a wave, but halfway through the designing, I changed it. Well, I really don’t know what else to say, but this layout was designed according to how I felt when I was listening to Olivia’s “Color Of Your Spoon”.

[edited @ 5.29pm]
It’s up and running! I still have one or two little things to tweak with the code but other than that, it’s fine now. I will do a little introduction later, but for now, do give some comments! :laugh:

Oh, oh! If you noticed, the background changes colour with every refresh of the page. Surprise~~~ :heart:

I am mighty pleased with myself. I started to design a new blog layout while I was writing the introduction for my Rhet paper. After I went for the fashion show meeting, I thought I wouldn’t have time to complete the designing coz I would be spending the rest of the night working on the introduction for my Rhet paper. Turns out, I finished it faster than I thought and I could continue designing.

I completed the design! It’s rather late now so I’ll leave the coding bit for later. So happy~~~ :heart:

2 thoughts on “new layout in the making

  1. Which background? Or is it because I’m viewing from Firefox?

    elisia says: The main background. It should change colour each time you hit the refresh button. I have no idea what you see in Firefox.

  2. I think its firefox. No matter how many times you hit refresh, it\’s still showing white. Anyway I love the pink and hearts, so sweet!

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