Was a little upset at first that I had to miss a karaoke session with the J-Net Fashion Show Yukata group people. I really really want to go to ktv, but I already paid for my ticket to watch Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco.

Well, paying $55 was definitely worth it! I enjoyed the show even though I was watching it by myself.

Anyway, about the fashion show, I managed to get myself out of doing the para para. :laugh: *phew* So currently, I’m just going to be walking down the catwalk in yukata and lolita outfits.

One thought on “saltimbanco

  1. $55 as in S dollars? or US dollars? If it’s Sing dollars I would be O___O cos when the circus group was here 2 years back (i think) I paid $200 for a ticket…but it’s still worth a go even though it’s hella expensive. 😀

    elisia says: US dollars. But, I think that’s still cheaper than Singapore.

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