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I can’t believe it. I just ordered manga online. Yes, I’m THAT desperate. I can’t tahan the fact that the manga here is in English. I ordered Rozen Maiden. I was looking at all the Pullip dolls online out of boredom. (Ling, it’s all your fault lahz.) I remembered I saw one of the Rozen Maiden ones last year in Japan. I love all the dolls in lolita dressing but they are fuckin’ 10000 yen. Anyway, I read the write up of the story online and thought I’ll read the manga since it seemed interesting.

Next year, I’m going to bring over my manga from home. I haven’t finished reading NANA, 東方灰姑娘 (東方茱麗葉), and 花樣少年少女。I intend to buy 惡魔在身邊 and maybe Death Note from back home. As you can see, most are made into drama series.

Hmmm…I’m definitely more of a manga reader than an anime watcher.

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