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As usual, when I’m trying to avoid doing something, I’ll be doing 3237287132476 things besides the task at hand. Ok, I promise I’ll sort those photos soon after I complete this week without fainting. 2 deadlines and fashion show rehearsals to see to.

So, the point of this entry is to comment what I learnt about my friends on the trip. Since I live further away, I never really hang out with them and get to know them better. Not to mention that when you hear stuff from other people, it affects how you see others, and the impression formed wasn’t that great.

Yes, so after a night of zhong ji mi ma, truth or dare, and loads of crapping…

Koon Seng:

  1. BOSS! Aiyoh, really cannot afford to anger the boss worz. Should have seen his black face. *shudders*
  2. Number 1 crapper. Always making me laugh with all his crap.
  3. Loves the word “cui“.
  4. Loves to suan Jordan. After that, poor kid got bullied by the rest of us. Revenge of the pennies! (inside joke)
  5. Official driver #1 and the one who probably killed the poor deer. Poor dear! (referring to the deer)
  6. Mr Cleanliness! Shoes had to be left at the room door. Everytime he got onto the bed, had to sweep his feet first. Only guy I know who uses toner. Even I don’t use toner!
  7. Talked in his sleep. He denies it, but I’m very sure it was him.

Thung Han:

  1. Number 2 crapper.
  2. Official driver #2.
  3. Glued to his PSP at night. Except when we’re discussing something…
  4. Hair has a life of its own in the morning.

Kang Jie:

  1. Always worried about studies. Always hounding me about Econs, but what to do, cannot afford to anger him coz he’s my study buddy for Econs or else I can just die for Econs. Thank gawd we had a decent trip with no mention of studies. Ok, a little…
  2. Freakingly 色。Do not judge a book by its cover. Hmmm…but then again, all guys are 色…oopz.
  3. Snores in his sleep, but not too bad.
  4. Usually the earliest to wake up, except I took over that title during the last few days of the trip.
  5. Most 随便…considering that he didn’t mind sleeping on the floor.
  6. The only person in the group that I usually use Mandarin to talk to.


  1. Boy, ah boy. *shakes head*
  2. Innocent. Besides Xin Cai, the rest of us were trying to corrupt his mind. All coz the guys saw the Dirty Minds game…haiz
  3. With innocence comes the bullying.
  4. Tries very hard to match Koon Seng’s level of crapping. Fails miserably.

Xin Cai:

  1. The only other girl on the trip.
  2. My official Japanese translator???
  3. Lively. Always sharing stories about her sisters.
  4. Loves the green skittles. Always digs out the red skittles for me. :heart:

Me? I’m always laughing at Koon Seng’s rubbish. Oh, and I :heart: the Oreo Blender Blaster at Denny’s.

Thanks for letting me be a little わがまま。I think you guys didn’t really want to go to the aquarium, but just went through it without complaining coz of me. Hmmm…was a little disappointed that the aquarium was small, but still enjoyed most of it.

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