twinkle snow, powdery snow

Last night I was happily chatting with Per on MSN. Suddenly, I got a call from Koon Seng to come out and take photos coz it’s snowing.

It wasn’t that cold compared to the morning. It was FUNNNNNN~~~ Feeling the snow fall on my face…

Credits for photos: Jordan/Koon Seng

We should totally do that again. Maybe make snow angels when the snow’s thicker. :laugh:

And for those who feel miserable coz they just can’t experience the fun…here’s a little something to cheer you up. A jar of snow from me…

One thought on “twinkle snow, powdery snow

  1. Snowman Snowman! Make a Frosty! Enjoy! =)
    Singapore’s flooding in waters. Ha. As usual.

    elisia says: The snow’s not really enough to make a snowman yet I think. Hahaha, monsoon season in Singapore…

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