snow snow snow

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Instead of posting a new entry or editing the old one, I think I’ll just say it here.

Remember the Econs essay quiz I mentioned I screwed up on. Hell yea, I totally screwed up. I checked Compass…40/100.

The last Psychology test, I got 42/55. Kinda better from the last 2…considering I only got 30 something for the last 2, but I think it’s still a C.

Astronomy’s getting kinda depressing too. The bar for getting an A seems really high. Not to mention I scraped past to get an A for the midterm. I might not be too lucky this round. Already the homework and quizzes, I’m in the B range I think…

Rhet’s the only hope of an A or A- now.

I’m hopeless manz.

Had to do it again. It’s really really fun. This time the whole gang was there (excluding Thung Han).

Oh, and I got my winter boots. Been looking for a not too expensive and nice looking pair. Everytime I came across a nice looking pair, they didn’t have my size. Yea, my feet are small. I’m tiny. 🙁 So I was so happy when they had my size for this pair. Cost about USD52. Not too expensive I’ll say. Quite a lot of people buy UGGs and they cost like USD100+. Mine is Khombu.

One thought on “snow snow snow

  1. Kinki Kids~!!! <3

    That’s what your entry title reminds me of…XD

    Coincidentally, SC had a guessing game on JE winter songs~ ^^

    elisia says: Ya, I purposely put the title as that coz of Kinki Kids song. Hahaha…your hubby even better, he said “snow bikkuri snow bikkuri snow bikkuri” coz the title is “Snow! Snow! Snow!” mahz.

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