filled with dread

[edited on December 10, 2007 @ 11.46am]
This is Elisia speaking after the dreaded Econs exam…

自信は…無い。*dead* やっぱり、私は無理だよ。

I’ve this very bad feeling that everything is going downhill for me. Econs final at 8am tomorrow and I feel I’m not prepared. Don’t tell me I’m going to be fine coz you don’t know how I’ve been slacking. I’ll just do my best and not fail. Yea, NEVER EVER FAIL an exam or the subject overall. I think it has pretty much to do with interest in the subject as well. Hmmm…

The world keeps getting smaller. Now ‘fess up, who else is related to one of my friends? First, it was Koon Seng being ex-classmates with Wei Ming in secondary school. Then, I found out that Zhen Hao was their ex-classmate too. And now, Jun Ming is Huiying’s cousin? Oh gawd…this is crazy I tell you.

One thought on “filled with dread

  1. there’s something in common.. we all knew each other b4 we knew u =P

    Hmm… there’s this Danny Tan Wei Yang i can think of.. IT also.. not tt i noe him v well.. met a few times tts all..

    Oh and itz so rare to see my name spelt out fully.. im so used to seeing KS KS KS.. haha.. a welcome change..

    Damn i better go read/do something.. such an unproductive day.. zzz

    Good luck for tmr’s paper! =))

    elisia says: It’s scary manz…

    Yea, I know of him. Don’t know him personally.

    KS looks like KNS which is like baddddddddd…

    I don’t deserve it. I think I really lost the momentum to study.

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