F U manz

I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to jam my finger at my room door yesterday night. I’m just accident prone ok. The initial throbbing pain is gone, but I’m left with a still swollen and bruised finger. I joked to Koon Seng and Per that at least now I have a reason to show the “fuck you” sign since it’s the middle finger that’s injured.

The pain doesn’t bother me. It’s the swelling that’s annoying. It’s mighty irritating that I can’t type properly or apply too much pressure when I write. Still a little painful when I press the bruised part.

Way to go, Elisia. Way to go…


2 thoughts on “F U manz

  1. OMG my dear girl!
    I knew there’d be a blue black bruise but THAT BIG?! And your fingers are really tiny so it must be really injured in there…
    Please massage it more~~

    elisia says: It’s like half of the finger-tip that’s bruised? Anyway, the bruise is turning an ugly shade of maroon. YUCKS!

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