yasu’s coolness

This is what you do when you can’t sleep – watch anime! Yea, been sleeping and waking up at odd hours coz of cramming for exams until my internal clock is kinda topsy turvy.

Anyway, the purpose of this entry is to squeal over Yasu’s coolness. :laugh: I loved this part in the manga and didn’t think it’ll really be focussed in the anime, but it did. Omg…this is like the BEST part in NANA (manga/anime). :yay:

Unfortunately, I can’t catch the exact Japanese words Yasu said, but translated in chinese he says…

Yasu: *glares at reporters*
Reporters: *scared look*
Yasu: 你们啊,有时间破坏别人的花园,不如让自己的花开吧。
Reporters: *stunned into silence and flowers start popping out of their heads*

Naoki & Reira: *watching the news in stunned silence with a tulip and dandelion on their heads, followed by squealing of how Yasu is so cool*

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